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Submit A Design Request Or Suggestion

Let DDD Create For YOU

Your feedback is so important to me! Not only your reviews, but also what you are looking for and need for your craft making. I create art and craft papers using my own artistic interests and inspirations as well as what I see creatives making and enjoying in the crafting world. I also know that you have your own ideas of what you might like to see more of and available to use that is either scarce and hard to find, or just something you think would be nice.

So please send it to me!

Although I cannot do custom designs for every special request, this is a way for me to find out what you are looking for and to make something that others would enjoy and could use as well. I think this is something very unique that I can offer and provide for you amazing and talented crafters and I'm very excited to do so.ย 

Please use this link to submit your idea or suggestion for a craft paper design, style or theme that you'd love to see in a future DDD Design Drop. You can remain anonymous, or feel free to leave your name and/or contact info so that I know who the suggestion came from and if needed I can ask any other questions or let you know if I have created something from your suggestion!

This link will take you to an offsite page online, where you can fill in a box with your suggestion and submit virtually your request. This is the best way to suggest an idea to me, as they will all be stored collectively in one spot.ย 

Thank you so much for wanting me to create something that you would love to have in your crafting supplies!

DDD Virtual Suggestion Box