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  • April 22, 2022 2 min read

    Do you know someone by any chance that grew up across the street from Elvis Presley?

    I do! And now you do too! And her name is Elizabeth Bower from Memphis Tennessee.


    Elizabeth is an amazingly talented crafter and thrifter. (She's also a bit quirky and sometimes drops an occasional word that should be bleeped 😂)

    She specializes in turning junk into treasure and flipping weird stuff into wonderful stuff using various techniques and mediums including decoupage.

    I got to know Elizabeth as she was purchasing designs and papers and sharing her projects with me. Come to find out that she grew up right down the street from a rock and roll legend!

    But this isn't the only cool thing about Elizabeth. She has turned an old affinity for creative arts and crafts into a new business.

    Like a lot of us, the pandemic was difficult, but gave us a chance to learn new things, take on a hobby and spend time doing things we might not have tried or made time for previously. Elizabeth turned to crafting and the community it provides us for a creative outlet and connection. With much trial and tribulation, and some nudges and encouragement from her friends, she decided to take her crafting a little farther and start Ellies Attic!...and of course wouldn't you know (I sure did) people are loving her!

    She has shared some things she's learned from her favorite crafters with others that didn't know about them and put her own spin and personality into her crafting style while giving old things a new, second chance at life.

    I am thankful that this endeavor of mine has given me the opportunity to meet and learn about people like Elizabeth and so many others that I never would've been able to connect with before. And this is just the beginning! That is why I love doing these crafter highlights. I know most of you enjoy this community and what it has to offer just as much. It's exciting learning about new people and new places. I even love seeing people's addresses when I do shipping and seeing the city and street names that are unique, or when someone is from somewhere Im familiar with! It is a small world sometimes! You might even meet someone who knew Elvis Presley!

    Here's a few of Elizabeth's projects with my paper and a link to Ellies Attic on Facebook. I think you'll enjoy her and seeing her journey as much as I do:)


    Visit Ellie's Attic on Facebook