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Hi there! I'm Cathy, the creative mind and artist behind Digital Deco Designs. I love the beach, home decor, cleaning and organization, crafting and digital art!

I live in Virginia Beach, 2 blocks from the waves & sand. It is where I was meant to be! I have a son who is my whole heart and soul. You can catch us riding down the boardwalk on our beach cruiser tricycle and always hunting for the next best ice cream spot.

I create a unique variety of decoupage designs of different styles for crafts, home decor, furniture upcycles, scrapbooking, junk journals, mixed media & more.

Whether you are a hobbyist or crafting professional, these designs will make your decoupage projects and DIY crafts BEAUTIFUL and EASY.

I make and create all these finished designs myself. I am self taught and found my true creative outlet that I can share with others. I enjoy learning what kinds of styles and designs crafters like and then creating a unique piece of art with it.

I think of it as a craft! Just like we combine paints and other mediums and items to build our projects, I put together elements digitally to make a design. It’s a true art form that has opened up a whole new window of creative possibilities.

I fell in love with decoupage and crafting and wanted to provide beautiful art for crafters to create with. You can transform literally anything into a masterpiece that is completely new and different.

The crafting community is so kind and supportive and I wanted to provide something truly valuable and helpful to the hobbyists and the professionals. Craft business owners and creatives like you work so hard to make and create inspirations, and I wanted to be able to help and be a part of this amazing world that exists behind the ribbons and the bows and the brushes and the glue. I do believe it is about more. It’s about people. Their lives and this one thing that brings so many of us together and gets us sharing and talking and believing in one another. It's amazing and without this community there is so much that we would all be missing out on that we gain from one another. 

There are so many possibilities in this world to make a difference and that is what I intend to do. 

With this art, there are so many special projects I get to be a part of. Memorabilia and gifts that people create…. Those things will mean something very special to the person who receives them. Or one day someone will be going through old household items and remember something from their childhood because of a piece that my designs were a part of. Beautiful home decor that will get passed down to family members I get to have a part in. Even crafters with physical limitations can create because my designs make it easier for them to make something beautiful with less techniques if needed. I am so appreciative for my designs to be a part of this! 

I love seeing projects that others create with my designs. Please share your decoupage creations! I can't wait to see what you make.

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Catherine Salvage Owner at Digital Deco Designs

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